PT Berau Coal handed over the Commitment of Zakat, Infaq and Alms to the Berau National Amil Zakat Agency (Baznas) of 1.5 billion and the submission and reporting of PT Berau Coal’s 2018 employee income zakat of Rp 880 million more.

The VP of Operational Support and Relations Director of PT Berau Coal, Gatot Budi Kuncahyo, said that the commitment of zakat, infaq and charity is indeed routinely carried out by PT Berau Coal, as well as its employees. From year to year, the company’s zakat has not changed, but for employees it has increased from the previous year.

“That is one way to clean our property and it is indeed an obligation to help others through the National Zakat Amil Agency (Baznas),” he said.

Gatot added, this number is very possible to continue to be improved, considering that there are still many Berau people who need help.

“I hope that in the future it will be possible to increase what has been submitted to Baznas, because Berau Coal is present with the community and promotes the Berau community,” he said.

Meanwhile, Chairman of Baznas Berau Radjudin Abdurachman said, this was the fifth year for Berau Coal to hand over the company’s zakat and its employees. Berau Coal, he said, had indeed been committed to helping the people of Bumi Batiwakkal.

“The funds will be used for the construction of habitable homes, and help the poor people,” he said.

He also appreciated what Berau Coal did, which from year to year was committed to continuing to pay zakat, without ever being late or neglecting its obligations.

“And the Berau Coal aid fund has been widely used for the rehabilitation of homes for poor people, healthy homes, of course we appreciate this. From the deepest of our heart, we would like to say thank you to PT Berau Coal for continuing to contribute to building Bumi Batiwakkal, “he said.

Meanwhile Berau Regent Muharram reminded the community, zakat payment is one of the pillars of Islam. And its nature must be fulfilled, just like the five daily prayers. He also stressed that the Berau Regency Government is fully committed to supervising zakat payments, so that the results obtained will be maximized and can be distributed to mustahiq people.

“This zakat is important in our lives, and the amount has been set at 2.5 percent of the monthly income. So in my opinion, it’s not hard, “he concluded.

Source: Berau Post edition on Thursday, May 16 2019