PT Berau Coal, via Dharma Bakti Berau Coal (YDBBC) Fondation held an Expertise Competence Test for the Vocational High School students in Berau Training Center (BTC) Jalan Raja Alam II, Kelurahan Sei Bedungun.

Head of Education Office (Disdik) Susila Harjaka via Section Head of Curriculum of High Education, Marsis, explained that the Vocational High School has been held since February 15. Vocational High School is the part of the National Exam (UN) and the result of the competence test shall be the indicator of the competence achievement of the Vocational High School graduates.

Whereas, for the stakeholders, it will become the information on the competence of the graduates. “The implementation of Expertise Competence Test was directed to measure and evaluate the performance of the participants in terms of knowledge, skill and attitude,” he explained.

He stated that BTC is considered appropriate as the Competence Test Location (CTL) by verification team of the Expertise Competence Test in Berau Regency for the light vehicle technique and heavy duty equipment technique and the BTC instructors can act as the testers.

Meanwhile, the Coordinator of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) PT Berau Coal for Education Division, Zaid Tzabit, explained that there were two schools participating in the UKK, Vocational High School 6 Berau and Vocational High School Muhammadiyah.

“The implementation of Expertise Competence Test in BTC is in line of the function and purposes of the BTC establishment by CSR PT Berau Coal, which is being the Center of Education and Training (Pusdiklat) based on Test Center as well as the Competence Test Location and Training Production Unit,” he added.

SMK Muhammadiyah teacher, Andi Mumang, said that Expertise Competence Test attended by his students was heavy duty equipment competence test; he was also grateful because BTC accommodated the schools in Bereau, and more importantly, BTC also provided the facilities.

“Last but not least, perhaps in the future there will be additional instructors because the current number is still few. We hope in the future the students participating in the Expertise Competence Test can compete in the real world”, he said.

Meanwhile, teacher of Vocational High School 6 Berau, Rojani Muklis, said that today is the test for light vehicle technique and all of his students were enthusiastically participating the test facilitated by BTC. He also expected that the participation of PT Berau Coal in the education can continue and improve.

Rizki Syafira, students of Vocational High School 6, said that she was happy with the Expertise Competence Test because she received various experience and knowledge. “In the beginning, we only received the theory at school, but after going to the field, we can understand more although it was a little bit difficult. I now understand how to make electric circuit and the technique of light vehicle,” she added.