In celebrating environment day, PT Berau Coal in cooperation with Badan Lingkungan Hidup (BLH) Berau, organized a fun walk, decorative bike competition and planting trees on last Friday (5/6).

The event was started with fun walk, where elementary, junior and high schools students were took part in it, as well as decorative bike competition made of used materials.


After the lottery of door prize coupon, it was continued by planting the trees around the Kalimarau airport in the afternoon.

“We support the celebration event by providing the plant seeds,” explained Hifzil Kirmi, representative of PT Berau Coal as the sponsor, in the midst of door prize lottery.

Trembesi tree and tanjung flower were chosen because of its shading and protective characteristics. “Moreover, this type of plants could live longer, and good for air circulation,” he added.

By organizing various events for the environment day celebration, it was expected that it could give new knowledge to the students and society on the importance of maintaining the hygiene.

Not only that, the decorative bike competition for the elementary school (SD) could also give new skill for the students on how to utilize used materials using 3R (Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle) principle.

“Hopefully, it will be benficial and not only to this end, because maintaining the hygiene is our common taks, both society and the government, and this can be a good example for the youths to participate in maintaining the environment hygiene”, he ascertained.