2010, PT Berau assisted local community members at Tasuk Village to establish Koperasi Bintang Harapan (“Koperasi”), a local cooperative which specialises in rental of transportation vehicles and providing non-skilled labour supply to subcontracted services at the mining area, such as waste management, mining activities and infrastructure projects. At the end of 2013, Koperasi had 553 members. Outlined below are some of the key outputs that certain members have achieved in the year.

2013 Input

  • Promoted Koperasi to major mining contractors and infrastructure projects.
  • Promoted the Koperasi’s transportation rental business.
  • Provided financial assistance to Koperasi management to enhance management skills.

2013 Output

  • 75 Koperasi members employed as non-skilled labour supply for mining activities for PT Berau and four mining contractors. Five to 10 members have stable employment on infrastructure projects, whilst a number of others are farmers or shop owners.
  • Income generated from transportation rental business is in line with previous year.
  • Three people have received a weeks’ worth of training each at the Samburakat Campus PT Berau Coal. This covered HSE, basic safety training and contractor safety management system compliance
The outcomes of the cooperative project are as follows:
  • Stable income for Koperasi members and lower unemployment rate.
  • Koperasi generates profits for distribution to its members.
  • Increased quality of Koperasi management to administer its business activities