TANJUNG REDEB – Commitment creates a quality human resources and competence in the global job market, Berau Training Center (BTC) provides full facilities for the young generation and as a center of competence tests without having to go outside the region.


As being conducted by students from SMK 6 Berau and SMK Muhammadiyah which buildings are next door to Akademi Komunitas Negeri (AKN) Berau. A total of 49 students from those schools doing Vocational Competency Test  for several days.

According to Zaid Tzabit, Community Development Officer of PT Berau Coal, as a center of competency tests, BTC will not only facilitate vocational school students, but also the prospective new employees who want to obtain a certificate of competence in their filed. “It is like you take a swimming major, when you are not able to swim, it means u can not pass. Same with the vocational machine tool technology students, they will pass when they meet the standards of competence, “he said.

Based on developing vision and mission statement of Bumi Batiwakkal – designation of Berau regency – Agri-Tourism potential is also been tried to set up. Thus, not only the mining and plantation sectors only. The cooperation between the largest coal mining company in Berau and local governments are expected to be able to create entrepreneurs by planning to open welding industry.

Gilang Kusuma as an active teacher in SMK 6 Berau whom was met while supervising UKK of their students said, the school is helped by the presence of BTC. Because the majorities are opened based on the potential of that area and have received assistances for Teaching and Learning Activities (KBM). Every Tuesday and Thursday, respectively students of SMK Muhammadiyah and SMK 6 Berau practice at BTC. While the provision of material carried in each school.

“We would be in trouble, if there were no BTC for UKK. UKK is an obligation testing for vocational students. No BTC means we need to go to Tarakan and of course it is far and needs more cost,” he said.

The UKK of these two schools is curently testing the ability of students in turbo charge and water pump. The support of a practice place and reliable instructors, expected that all students can sharpen their knowledge. So, the graduate students have a quality in the world of work.

“It was a quite hard, I just felt nervous but I could do that., because every Thursday we do our practice here. Hopefully, I get good marks,” said Sabri, one of the students of SMK 6 Berau.