Type: Thermal Coal

Concession area: 118,400ha

Total Reserves: 512mt

Coal Contract of Work (“CCoW”): Concession granted to PT Berau until 2025, with further extensions envisaged.

Asia Resource Minerals plc is a FTSE listed resources company with an 84.7% controlling interest in PT Berau, the fifth-largest thermal coal producer in Indonesia. PT Berau has three principal open cut mining operations: Lati, Binungan and Sambarata, located in a 118,400 hectare concession area in East Kalimantan. Production of thermal coal is blended to adjust the overall quality grade of the product, with current calorific values ranging from 5,000 kcal/kg to 5,700 kcal/kg (on a ‘gross as received’ basis) for use mainly in coal fired power plants.

Operations map detailing locations
Legend detailing items on operations map
2013 2012
Thermal Coal 100% basis (million tonnes) ARM attributable share (million tonnes) 100% basis (million tonnes) ARM attributable share (million tonnes)
Proven  233 178 190 145
Probable 279 212 298 227
Total Reserves 512 390 488 372

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Berau Coal

Berau Coal is the fifth largest coal producer in Indonesia. It engages in open cut mining of coal in its concession area in East Kalimantan, operating in three active mining areas – Lati, Binungan and Sambarata.

Berau Coal supplies coal to customers in Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines and Thailand. Berau Coal’s customers are mainly utility companies and coal trading companies.

Berau Coal completed an initial public offering and its shares were listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange (“IDX”) in August 2010. Further information can be found on the Company’s website at

Annual coal mined (100% basis)

Year Coal mined (millions of tonnes)
2008 13.1
2009 14.3
2010 17.4
2011 19.4
2012 21
2013 23.5

Financial information (Berau Coal Energy)*

Year Sales US$m Operating profit for the year (US$m)
2008 631 146
2009 800 291
2010 1,055 282**
2011 1,657 527**
2012 1,531 191
2013 1,425 207

*Indonesian GAAP

**Restated for the effects of other exceptional costs