TANJUNG REDEB – PT Berau Coal held a Community Development and Empowerment Synchronization Program 2015 at Sambaliung Distric hall office. The activity was aimed to synchronize the Corporate Social and Responsibility (CSR) funds program, given to a number of fostered villages in several districts.

The CSR synchronization program was officially opened by Warji, Subdistrict Head of Sambaliung, It was attended also by Madri Pani Chairman of Forum Komunikasi Pemberdayaan Lingkar Tambang (FK-Pelita), Ferhath Fauzi Nazief Chairman of Yayasan Dharma Bhakti Berau Coal (YDBBC), Teddy N Abay, CSR Division Head of Berau Coal.

On that occasion, Teddy N. Abay explained that CSR funds provided by PT Berau Coal, are part of a MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with the Regency Government of Berau.

“The MoU contains how to manage the CSR funds for four pillars especially for fostered villages of PT Berau Coal,” he said. The four pillars program are education and knowledge, health and nutrition, environment and culture, social and economy contribution which were supported by the infrastructural social and community development program.

Teddy said, the CSR synchronization must be implemented in order to prevent the duplicate program with the running program’s regency government of Berau. In the same place, Chairman of YDBBC, Ferhath Fauzi Nazief added, PT Berau Coal divides into six elements among others business ethics, health and safety environtment, employment, community empowerment, costumers and suppliers, transparancy and accountability.

“Synchronizing CSR funds with the community development and empowerment program as nothing more than an attempt to ensure the implementation of social and environtmental management after good mines, so the village can live independently later,” said Fauze Ferhath Nazief.

Meanwhile, chairman of FK-Pelita Madri Pani appealed to PT Berau Coal to maximize the obligations regarding the CSR funds distribution. “PT Berau Coal should have their own datas and present the CSR funds to public, whether it is increasing or not,” he advised.

The Subdistrict Head of Sambaliung, Warji reminded heads of villages who attended the meeting, the CSR funds from Berau Coal should be used wisely. “I beg you the funds from the third side should be managed well. Not only village fund allocation (ADK), but also funds from a third side should be use wisely,” he said.

To avoid unwanted things, he emphasized that actions needed to provide a financial administration. Moreover, to prevent from duplicate programs, Warji appealed the activities that use CSR funds are not same with a proposal which is submitted to the Development Planning Consultation (Musrenbang).

After officially opened by the Subdistrict Head of Sambaliung, Development and Empowerment Synchronization Program was followed by a presentation from the Community Development of PT Berau Coal  Khodim. Khodim said  the provided CSR funds will not be forfeited even if it is not used. “It is going to be a saving for next year,” he said.