Berau Coal through the Dharma Bakti Berau Coal Foundation (YDBBC) continued to show its concern for the Berau community, as well as relocating Remote Indigenous Community (KAT) residents in Kilometers (KM) 16 to KM 2 Sambakungan Village, Gunung Tabur District.

As is known, the KAT residents who were previously in KM 16 belong to the category of isolated areas, considering the limited supporting facilities, especially in terms of technology, making the area rarely exposed.

Therefore, the relocation of PT Berau Coal was also appreciated by the Head of Sambakungan Village, Rizal. He was also grateful, because the management of PT Berau Coal opened new hopes for KAT residents.

“We cannot deny that the existence of PT Berau Coal has had a positive impact on the progress of a village, and today they are proving again by building this village in KM 2,” he said when interviewed on Sunday (5/5).

“For the RT, do not hesitate to submit a complaint to me, here we are together with PT Berau Coal to build this KM 2. And I make sure, we will not let go of our hands in providing guidance for farming crops, “continued Rizal.

One resident of the former KM 16 Biun, also mentioned that what was done by PT Berau Coal was enough to help him and other residents. “Yes, we thank the management of PT Berau Coal, they already care about us, the villagers. Without them we are difficult to move here (Km 2), “he said.

Meanwhile PT Berau Coal’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Manager, Hikmawaty, said that PT Berau Coal he called had been paying attention to the existence of KAT residents for a long time, as well as providing assistance for them to get a more decent education.

The celebration ceremony for the KAT KM2 Lati resident’s new house aims to facilitate public access. “Before being transferred to KM 2 Lati, the resident was domiciled in KM 16 which was a trans-extinction. Therefore, Berau Coal moved so that they could get more feasible infrastructure, “he said.

“In this transfer it was carried out in stages, for now there are only two houses, but we are building as many as 40 houses for their homes. We also built a place of worship for them, “he continued.

In addition to providing religious facilities and education, he will also conduct training for residents to plant pepper.

“After they are transferred, we will develop in the field of Agriculture in particular, pepper. So that they can be independent and produce their own economy, “concluded Hikmawaty. (*/ yat/***/sam–Berau Post)