The Campaign of Lestari Lingkungan Anak Sekolah 2015, initiated by PT Berau Coal was conducted since Monday (8/6) by visiting schools until yesterday (10/6). SMA 4 Berau was the target visit after the previous campaign in SMA 1 and SMK 1 Berau.

The activity which have taken place since 08.00 WITA and presenting the keynote speaker from Badan Lingkungan Hidup (BLH) and enviro section of PT Berau Coal, was receiving warm welcome from the students.

“We were really welcome to this environmental campaign, because besides the materials obtained by the students, they were also practicing the workshop on how to make compost using Takakura method (one of the method of making compost in household to territorial scale, using perforated basket), therefore it can be implemented at school or at home,” explained Ahmadong, principal of SMAK 4 Berau.

The material presented in the campaigned included the method to process garbage, dust, noise, and vibration, as well as environmental observation which is currently implemented by PT Berau Coal.

“The purpose was to embed the feeling of love the nature, both in the school or outside the school environment, so that the awareness to maintain the hygiene could be improved.” explained Syaiful Anwar, Environment section PT Berau Coal in the middle of material presentation.

He expected that form this campaign, the students in particular, could maintain their hygiene, at least in the school environment and its surrounding. Moreover, the processed garbage has a beneficial prospect.

Junaidi, communication section of BLH Berau Regency, which was also the keynote speaker in this campaign, explained the Adiwiyata Program for the schools.

“Adiwiyata Program is actually the same as the living environment management, because basically it is the processing of garbage into economically-valuable materials”, he explained.

“Morover, there is now a garbage bank, which is ready to accomodate the plastic garbage to be exchanged with daily needs or money, which certaintly reduces the production of plastic garbage in Berau,” he concluded.