Men discussing cocoa beans at farm

Cocoa Agribusiness

This project was set up in 2009 to revitalise cocoa cultivation around five villages within the mining area. This initiative is intended to assist existing farmers to improve cocoa production in the region. In 2013, this project had 145 members and covers an area of 171 hectares.

2013 Input

  • Engaged consultants from Indonesia Cocoa and CoffeeResearch Centre to share expertise.
  • Provided four PT Berau Local Community Organizers and two officers across the five villages.
  • Provided 14 fermentation boxes for each of the five villages.
  • Created demonstration garden for sharing of grafting techniques.


2013 Output

  • Consultants conducted one workshop to coach members on graft techniques and share good practices.
  • Cultivation schedules maintained and data collection commenced for cocoa production volumes and grafting technique completion at demo plots.
  • 40 farmers used the fermentation boxes to ferment cocoa beans. By fermenting cocoa beans, the farmers benefitted from better sale prices.
  • Knowledge sharing sessions were performed at six demonstration garden locations in five villages. 145 farmers attended these sessions.
The outcomes of the cocoa agribusiness project are:
  • Successful performance of grafting techniques by participating communities to improve quality of harvest.
  • Annual cocoa production increase from 400kg per hectare to national average production of 1,200kg per hectare.