It cannot be denied that the community health center (Puskesmas) is a dream of rural people to seek treatment. This was also felt by the residents of Tanjung Perangat Village, Sambaliung District.

Before standing Mekarsari Posyandu, residents claimed to only use the old village head’s office for immunization activities, examining pregnant women, and others. The circumstances is also not feasible because besides being stuffy, it’s also hot.

Health services for children and pregnant women and others like that have only just begun to improve after PT Berau Coal through YDBBC inaugurated the construction of the Mekarsari Posyandu in Tanjung Perangat Village in 2018.

“With the establishment of the new Posyandu building we feel comfortable taking medication, immunizing children,” said Wati, one of the local residents.

Tanjung Perangat Village Chief, Saepudin, said that the building, which was inaugurated on October 30, 2018, has provided many benefits for its citizens, because of the Mekarsari Posyandu building, residents also brought their children immunization.

“Very useful, several times we did immunizations to children in this village, always crowded, and also they did not complain of overheating. It used to be using existing buildings, and now the posyandu has its own building,” he said.

In addition to the construction of the posyandu, Saepudin admitted, PT Berau Coal also often provided free treatment for its citizens. “People are happy and don’t need to go far if they want to seek treatment. The main thing is very much helped by the existence of this posyandu, “he continued.

Meanwhile, General Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of PT Berau Coal, Horas Parsaulian Pardede explained that this real proof of PT Berau Coal was very concerned with the health of the people in the assisted villages.

“Health problems are one of the four pillars of PT Berau Coal’s program, and we are very grateful to the people of Tanjung Perangat Village who¬†take care the Posyandu,” he said.

“Thanks also to all residents of Tanjung Perangat who have supported the existence of PT Berau Coal, so that until now, we continue to be able to make a positive contribution to the community, especially the assisted villages,” Pardede continued. (***/yat/asa-Berau Post)