Kampanye Lestari Lingkungan 2015 for the students which started on Tuesday (9/6) finally ended in SMA 6 Berau in Jalan Betet, Kampung Labanan Jaya.

A series of schools campaign, starting from SMA 1, SMK 1, SMA 4, SMK Ma’arif NU 01, and SMA 6 left a deep image in each school.

“Hopefully, it will be beneficial, considering the enthusiasm during the practice of making takakura and biopori was good, at least it could be implemented in each school,” explained Syaiful Anwar, Environment Team of PT Berau Coal, which was the keynote speaker in every campaign.

Senior and vocational schools were chosen as the target campaign because it was expected that the students can provide good example to their juniors both in the junior high school (SMP) and the elementary school (SD).

“This year, we intentionally chose senior and vocational high school so that the materials can penetrate well, and becoming a special motivation especially for the school which never win the Adiwiyata award. Whereas, next year, if possible we plan to target the junior high and elementary school,” he continued.

For the kampanye lestari this year, it is rather different than the previous one. The brief workshop on making the household compost in form of takakura, and practice of making biopori is the added activities which were very interesting to the students.

“Workshop and practice was intentionally to make the students interested to process their own garbage at home, and at school. And it would continue further,” Syaiful ascertained.

In this 4 days campaign, the keynote speakers were not only from Berau Coal.  Badan Lingkungan Hidup (BLH) Berau, also present the materials on Adiwiyata.

In this campaign, question and answer session was also provided, which is the spirit booster for the students. For the students who were active in raising questions and capable of answering the questions from the presenter, they were given souvenir of notes and pretty mug fom Berau Coal.