In celebrating the World Environment Day on June 5, 2015, PT Berau Coal also conducted kampanye lestari lingkungan anak sekolah. SMA 1 and SMK 1 Berau were the first to visit, yesterday (8/6).

The campaign aimed to provide specific knowledge to the students on how to manage the environment correctly, as what has been done by PT Berau Coal so far.

Syaiful Anwar, Environment Section of Berau Coal, gives distinct explanation on how PT Berau Coal processes the garbage and waste so far.

“Starting on how to maintain the continuity of biodiversity by means of reclamation and revegetation activity in PT Berau Coal area, which is indirectly embedding the feeling of love to nature to the students”, he explained.

“Additionally, we also explained in brief on the processing and monitoring of environment conducted by PT Berau Coal, either dust processing, noise, and vibration,” he continued.

The first visit was at 08.00 WITA in SMA 1 Berau. The welcome and enthusiasm was so real from the students. Moreover, questions were raised in turn.

“I was so glad that I can have new knowledge on the correct way of processing the garbage, for example by making the composter of takakura,” explained Marni, one of the Class XI students.

Similarly, Ranianti, Class XI student of SMK 1 Berau, of which the school was also visited in this campaign at 13.00 WITA, also expressed her enthusiasm. “So far, we knew only from the books, but now we can see the pratice in person,” she described.

The question and answer session with souvenir as a gift was also becoming the spirit booster for the attending students.